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Scrap Metal and Recycling Services in Barnes and the Surrounding Areas

We have all become a lot more considerate about recycling these days and doing our bit for the sake of the environment and climate change. As a result of this, we find ourselves at Barnes Recycling advising more and more of our clients about the proper way to recycle, and what can and can’t be disposed of in this way. From office clearances to commercial waste, we strive to recycle as much of the materials we collect as possible and, to date, we can claim a 96% turnaround on this service.

If you’re looking for a local company in the greater London area, Middlesex or Surrey which focuses on offering professional recycling services at competitive rates and flexible collection hours, then contact us today on 0208 274 2758 or 07707 309 778 and find out just how our waste management services can work for you. We serve domestic, commercial and construction industry clients throughout the areas we cover.


96% of All Collections Recycled

When your rubbish and unwanted materials are collected by Barnes Recycling, they are transferred to our depot in South London. There they are hand sorted and separated into various categories and disposed of in an appropriate manner for each item, where possible.

From household waste to commercial collections, our rates are highly favourable with schedules designed to suit you, and not the other way around. We guarantee to beat skip hire prices and the speed at which other waste management companies operate within London, Middlesex and Surrey. Our same-day and emergency waste and recycling services are highly regarded, as is our professional and industrious team.

Examples of the recycling waste we dispose of in a safe and suitable manner are as follows:
  • Aluminium Cans

  • Electronic Equipment

  • Glass Bottles

  • Inert Waste and Aggregates

  • Motor Oil

  • Paper and Card

  • Plastic Materials

  • Scrap Metal

  • Steel Containers

  • Timber Products and Waste

Getting into the habit of cleaning out and drying your food containers in preparation for recycling, or breaking up those delivery boxes and envelopes, can go a long way towards doing your bit for the environment.

It’s not possible to recycle every single item that passes through Barnes Recycling’s dedicated waste station but we’re pretty close at 96%. What doesn’t go into landfill in London, Middlesex or Surrey is separated into various categories and despatched to the appropriate facilities to be reused again in a variety of alternative ways. Thanks to our recycling services, office paper will end up as rolls of toilet paper or tissues. Motor oil can be re-refined into petrochemical raw materials, and that old tin of beans could, one day, be part of a car or a kitchen appliance.

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